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Sunday 18 Feb
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Amsterdam Gay Pride 2018

Saturday Jul 28 till Sunday Aug 05, 2018    

During Amsterdam Pride there are also tons of parties, and may also be the best time to visit one of Amsterdam's many gay bars.

With the inclusion of the Pride Walk and the Rainbow park at Vondelpark - a week before the Canal Parade and the Open Air parties and stages - Amsterdam Pride now offers two weekends of Pride.

Video Impression Amsterdam Pride: Last year's impression - Canal Parade 2017

What to Do

Visit the many street parties in the gay areas and watch the Canal Parade on Saturday. Usually the weather is quite nice during Amsterdam Pride, getting you great parties outside in the Gay Areas.

On Sunday visit the closing party at the big stage at Dam Square.

Many gay shops usually have special activities and actions during pride, especially the gay bars should not be missed at this time.

The city is packed with gay people from all over the world during this weekend, so happy cruising, or, hold your partner or friend tightly! When strolling the city outside of the gay areas though, do use your common sense and avoid too obvious gay behaviour.

Main Events
Pride Walk: July 28 (not yet confirmed)
Pride Park and Rainbow Market at Vondelpark: July 29 (not yet confirmed)

Open Air Cinema: August 1 & 2
Street Parties: August 3 & 4
Canal Parade: August 4
Closing Party at Main Stage at Dam Square: August 5

Where to Go

Swimming at Homomonument, part of the Drag Queen Olympics, Amsterdam Pride, Amsterdam, photo (c)

  Gay Areas to be:
Amstel Area
Warmoesstraat & Zeedijk Area
Kerkstraat Area


pride overview map
Pride Map

Amsterdam Gay Map home

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Event agenda not yet published, would you like
to view Last Year's edition to get the idea?

Further Info

Come to Amsterdam to experience The yearly gay pride with the famous canal parade!

What's On- Amsterdam Pride Agenda

Events & Parties :: Spotlight
full Amsterdam Gay Pride agenda


Event agenda not yet published, would you like
to view Last Year's edition to get the idea?

For an overview of all parties & activities during Amsterdam Pride, please see our detailed Amsterdam-Pride-By-Day Agenda

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